Current Research

Papers in preparation

  • [UPDATED] Fueling conflict? (De)Escalation and bilateral aid (with Martin Gassebner, Paul  Schaudt and Sarah Langlotz), submitted.
  • [NEW] Top Lights: On the contribution of bright spots to economic development (with Melanie Krause). First draft at IARIW website.
  • Grievance meets opportunity: Economic shocks, spatial inequality and civil conflicts (with Melvin H. L. Wong). Full draft due late 2017.
  • Political borders within artificial states (with Christian Lessmann and Paul Schaudt). First draft due late 2017.

Economic growth and the political economics of crises

Development economics: poverty and inequality




For some papers I am implementing a new method, adapting an old one or discovering otherwise interesting things. My plan is to eventually post the most exciting bits either as code-snippets, fully-fledged Stata programs, or R functions under the heading “Data & Code”. Alternatively, I may write a blog post about some of these techniques and their applications. Under “Data & Code” you can also find the data sets used in my most recent papers.