Current Research


Under review or in revision

Papers in preparation

  • The political geography of cities (with C. Lessmann and P. Schaudt).
  • The undivided rule: Colonial structures, local majorities, and economic development (with R. Hodler and P. Schaudt).
  • Ethnofederalism and ethnic voting: Evidence from Kenya (with R. Hodler and P. Schaudt).
  • Nighttime lights and measurement errors in subnational accounts (with G. McCord).
  • The Emergency: The long-term effects of British labor camps in Kenya (with G. Asmus and T. Korn).
  • Triggering unrest? Ethnic inequality and droughts in Africa (with M. H. L. Wong).
  • Growth and spatial inequalities (with M. Krause and C. Lessmann).


Policy reports

For most papers I am implementing a new method, adapting an old one or implementing other econometrically interesting things. My plan is to eventually post the most exciting bits either as code-snippets, fully-fledged Stata programs, or R functions under the heading “Data & Code”. There you can also find the data sets used in my published papers.