Current Research

Papers in preparation

Economic growth and the political economics of crises

Development economics: poverty and inequality

  • [UPDATED] Poverty accounting (with D. de Crombrugghe and A. Szirmai), forthcoming, European Economic Review.
  • [SUPERSEDED] The pace of poverty reduction: A fractional response approach (with D. de Crombrugghe and A. Szirmai), merged into Poverty accounting.
  • [SUPERSEDED] Poor trends: The pace of poverty reduction after the Millennium Development Agenda (with D. de Crombrugghe and A. Szirmai), link to short video on the paper. merged into Poverty accounting.



For most papers I am implementing a new method, adapting an old one or implementing other econometrically interesting things. My plan is to eventually post the most exciting bits either as code-snippets, fully-fledged Stata programs, or R functions under the heading “Data & Code”. There you can also find the data sets used in my published papers.