Data & Code

Replication Data for Papers

Poverty accounting (with D. de Crombrugghe and A. Szirmai)

  • Poverty data in levels (dta, csv, xls)
  • Full replication set (zip), see below for fhetprob estimator.

Do weak institutions prolong crises? On the identification, characteristics, and duration of declines during economic slumps (with D. de Crombrugghe and A. Szirmai)

  • Slumps and declines data (coming soon)
  • Stata/Mata code for restricted structural break search (coming soon)

Stata Modules

fhetprob: A fast QMLE Stata routine for fractional probit models with multiplicative heteroskedasticity

  • To install the software type the following at Stata’s dot prompt:
  • net install fhetprob, from(
  • To get the example data and pdf documentation (installs in current directory):
  • net get fhetprob, from(
  • Then type help fhetprob or read fhetprob.pdf for usage instructions.