Since summer 2015, I am lecturing a fourth year undergraduate course in growth theory and an elective course in intermediate business cycle theory at Leibniz University Hannover . You can find the course descriptions here. I still occasionally teach classes in econometrics (for the GLaD PhDs in Göttingen and Hannover) and for students in Braunschweig (upcoming).

From 2012 to 2015, I actively involved in several econometrics classes at Maastricht University where designed a course sequence for masters students and PhDs at two levels or speeds. You can find a course description here.

I still teach part of a course called the “Global Social Challenge” in the Social Protection Policy Design and Financing specialization of our Masters of Science in Public Policy (MPP). Here are last year’s slides (Students, please check for updated versions on EleUM):

Since summer 2013, we offered a new summer course called “Discovering Econometrics with R” at SBE. You can find more information here or head on over to the blogroll. We will offer the course again in summer 2015. As a teaser, you can find the slides for Day 1 here: Introduction to R (2up).

Here’s a somewhat dated introduction to LaTeX for the professional PhDs at UM/UNU-MERIT that I gave back in 2010. It still has some useful hints for absolute beginners but today the material would obviously be very different.